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accounting or bookkeeping

Cloud Bookkeeping

Anytime. Anywhere. Remote Access To Your Files with Real Time Financial Access.  You can choose to enter your own data and have us reconcile and close your month with prepared financials or you could have our team of experts handle all postings.

Customized and a la carte packages available. 

accounting or bookkeeping

Shoebox Accounting

 Are your books in a mess?  No worries.  We can pick up, sort, process and complete back year financials at a discounted, prorated monthly rate.
We quote up front so no surprise invoices! 

accounting or bookkeeping

Document Management

Document Management allows your business
to stay organized with paperless
filing systems, saving you time and money.

We can also digitize your office, home and photo's.


accounting or bookkeeping


 Our payroll experts are trained to manage your payroll whether large or small. We ensure your employees get paid and that the correct remittances are made to CRA on time, all the time.

We can provide weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll. which includes T4, T4A, T5018, WSIB, EHT, year-end filings, payroll reports, direct deposit, or cheques. 

accounting or bookkeeping

Expense Management

 Employee expense management is time-consuming. We use mobile applications and expense management tools to handle your expenses. You and your employees no longer have to create expense reports. We ensure that  every expense is tracked, categorized and reported accurately. 


Accounts Payable Management

 Tired of handling all your bills and want an easier solution. We will receive, post, and pay all bills. No more late fees or paperwork.
You will receive a bi-monthly report of upcoming bills that are due and submit 1 payment for all bills